‘Penthouse’ makes $500M hookup with social webpages numerous

‘Penthouse’ makes $500M hookup with social webpages numerous

SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA — with what might an archive from inside the adult-entertainment markets, Penthouse magazine’s writer says it compensated $500 million for a Silicon area business operating one of the primary sexually oriented social-networking web sites.

The deal launched Wednesday for Palo o-based Various adds AdultFriendFinder to Penthouse’s portfolio whilst grows further into the fast-growing area of social networking sites brought by MySpace and Facebook.

“That’s where the money is actually,” said Marc Bell, CEO of Penthouse Media cluster.

The offer arrives because the $13 billion adult-entertainment sector shifts considerably tools on line amid rising opposition and a dive in income and rentals of X-rated DVDs and relevant fare.

Penthouse expectations to flourish by gobbling upwards as much adult-focused companies possible, Bell mentioned, with an eye fixed toward using Penthouse people. Continue reading