Legalized Prostitution and Marijuana in Puerto Rico?

Legalized Prostitution and Marijuana in Puerto Rico?

Submitted May 1, 2014

Puerto Rico’s economic crisis goes on, and lots of of this guidelines being produced by the governor’s economic screen might not be sensible. (find out more regarding the proposals involving the U.S. authorities and people concerning mega-retailers.) Action was taken up bolster companies like aeronautics, they, and tourism, and these efforts will help.

Various other proposals tend to be more questionable. The us government of Puerto Rico welcomed tactics from someone, as well as their crowdsourcing delivered the idea of legalizing cannabis and prostitution in Puerto Rico into fore. Some development sources bring reported that these options are getting regarded of the Government, even though the seriousne with which truly being discued is not obvious.

“Sex tourism” is possible in certain Caribbean destinations, like the Dominican Republic, in which prostitution was legal. Truth be told there, regulators estimate there exists 100,000 intercourse workers, 12.5per cent of who include HIV positive. The worldwide Commiion on Human liberties have expreed focus about youngster prostitution, urging the federal government of Dominican Republic to take action to safeguard minors in order that they not drop sufferer towards the violence aociated with prostitution and unlawful trafficking.

Puerto Rico, because the place as an area from the united states of america makes it a unique conduit for any medication trade, currently keeps an even of drug-related violence much larger than that present in any county. (find out more from our archives right here.)

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